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Novi Sad: 11 cm-long horn removed from man’s neck

– “I got a new life, for years I was in fear of complications, but now it is over, living with a horn is a past,” says L.S. (46) from Novi Sad for Serbian daily “Blic”.

Dr. Novak Vukoje, ENT specialist, successfully removed the horn long 11 cm from the man’s neck. “I feel reborn, in recent years the lump on my neck grew and I was afraid to remove it because the experts had opposite opinions, there was a possibility of major complications. I learned to live with the horn over time.

However, it grew so much in recent months that I could not sleep, to swallow when I eat and I suffered terrible pain, and there was the aesthetic problem, of course. I decided to remove it and see what happens,” said L.S.

Dr. Vukoje says that he is still waiting for the results of the sample of the incredible horn, but that this is most likely benign tumor. “This is surely a case for Guinness, it is the largest human horn ever seen. I am still in awe, this is something unseen in the history of our medicine. It was a very risky surgery, I have never seen something like this in my career. It was risky, but we did it! I freed this man from a heavy burden and fear for life that he was ‘pulling’ for years,” says dr. Vukoje.

After numerous problems the horn caused for him, L.S. decided to remove it and did not think about consequences, because the life with the horn was impossible.

“When he came to the office, I was stunned with what I saw. L.S. had a horn on the left side of the neck, length of about 11 cm, and thickness of about 2 cm. The aforementioned horn developed from a mall growth on the neck until it reached this length. The cause of the tumor is unknown to the patient, and it is impossible to ascertain it,” said dr. Vukoje. The horn, says the doctor, was exactly the same as in animals, say in a bull, the same firmness and shape.

The risky surgery was performed under local anesthesia and lasted about 30 minutes. “This is a rarity in medicine by size and location. Horns on the human body once represented an amazing collection of human rarities and some of them entered the annals of the world medicine, but none were of this size and in this place. Most often they were on the forehead. It happened that they fall off themselves and then a new one grows. The cause of their appearance is puzzling, scars are mentioned, burns, warts, sun exposure, viruses, all of them as predisposing factors,” said dr. Vukoje.

He points out that even though this anomaly is quite rare today and is most often benign, in about 20 percent of cases a so-called local squamous cell carcinoma can develop so it needs to be removed in time.

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