Mišljenje prof. dr. Magne Tvinnereim-a o metodi dr. Vukoja

Mišljenje poznatog stručnjaka u Evropi prof dr Magne Tvinnereim-a iz Norveške o       metodi dr Vukoja:

Dr. Novak Vukoje - Novi Sad, Serbia.

The Arco-Palato-Uvular Flap
This surgical method has been developed by the acknowledged Serbian ENT-surgeon Novak Vukoje. Through the last years this experienced clinician has seen a need for such a procedure which naturally takes place in a segment for patients with snoring, RERA and mild to moderate Sleep Apnea. It is especially suitable for patients in the group with increased persistent obstructive problems in whom tonsillectomy has been performed earlier, and in the group with broad and fluffy pillars and palatal arches. It is very wisely not recommended if the RDI exceeds 15, the SaO2 is beneath 5% or the BMI surpasses 32 kg/m2. Besides being easy to perform, though usually und er general anesthesia, it also takes into account the various pitfalls occurring in other procedures, often leading to a poor success rate. These are such as postoperative palatalscarring and fibrosis with concomitant narrowing and too much stiffening, rather increasing the preoperative afflictions than solving them. Additionally this method results in an important remaining increased transversal oropharyngeal diameter, statistically shown to be of great importance regarding this disease. By preservation of the great bulk of midline uvulo-palatal tissue, the most unfavorable side effect, nasal regurgitation, is avoided. This makes it possible to postoperatively adjust to CPAP treatment as well. Several years of follow up results have proven the Arco-Palato-Uvular Flap to be a well tolerated, efficient and recommendable procedure for the defined target group.

 Bergen, Norway, May 18th. 2008.
 Magne Tvinnereim MD., Ph.D.
 Director, EuroSleep ltd.
 Member of the Norwegian Competence
 Center for Sleep Disorderes.

Mišljenje prof. dr. Rajka Igića o metodi dr. Vukoja

Dr. Novak Vukoje - Novi Sad, Serbia.
The Arco-Palato-Uvular Flap
It is a great pleasure to write this letter in support of Dr. Vukoje.
Novak' s promotion to the Serbian Academy of Innovative Sciences (SAIS). I have known Dr. Novak for many years , I was his teacher  at the University of  Sarajevo
Three years ago, Dr. Novak visited our hospital and he presented us his novel method for surgical treatment of snoring and obstrucitve sleep apnea. He also described this method in his book and publications in various journalas. For this achievement he recived several awards, including the Golden Medal for Innovative Technique in Moscow 2008.
Based on his past accomplishments, I strongly recommend Dr. Novak for promotion at the SAIS.

metode uvulopalatofaringoplastikaRajko Igić, MD, Ph.D
Senior Scientist
Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management
J. Stroger Hospital of Cook Country


Arco-palato-uvular flap: a new surgical technique for the treatmebt of palatal snoring in tonsillectomized patients
   metode uvulopalatofaringoplastika
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